Teach me Mrs. Malone by Leah Key


Teach me Mrs. Malone

Grace Malone never expected to find herself back in her hometown,

Let alone teaching in her old high school, the one where she’d been bullied relentlessly for being Grace the Geek.

But with her father’s ailing health, an intolerable boss, property prices rising in the city, and relationships that had never worked out, it seemed like the right move to make.

She figured she’d buy a house, take care of her father and settle into teaching until the day she retired.

She hadn’t counted on the boy with blue eyes, the student in her history class, to stir things up, to set her heart alight.

Or that her teaching expertize might expand from the classroom to the bedroom.


Teach me Mrs. Malone is a light hearted reverse age gap student teacher romance. It’s an escape into a fictional world, meant to entertain and not to be taken too seriously. I hope it will bring a smile to your face : )

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