Target For Daddy by B.L. Brooks


Isabella: I’m eighteen, living in a prison upheld by my one and only father who happens to be a famous politician. You know, one of those men shaking hands with the scum of the earth just to get ahead in life? Yeah, that’s my father alright. Always willing to auction me off just to get ahead in the business world. It’s sad our relationship has been beaten down to the poor excuse it is today. And when calling it a night after a hellish day, I wake up the next morning in an unknown place, locked in a rather lavish room…and right away, I have a hunch my father has something to do with this. I’m scared, crippling with fear as where the hell am I and how did I end up here? Suddenly, the door bursts open to the bedroom, revealing my…captor? He’s older, maybe early forties or so…big and tall, with arms the size of my legs combined. And now, I’m terrified. Why I’m here is still lost on me, but it’s clear even if I thought of an escape plan, it could never work. Not with over six feet of stone planted in my way. But when finding out Mr. Big and Bad isn’t really…well, all that bad, my fear begins to fade. Discovering the man was sent to my house to fulfill an order, killing me off in spite of my father digging his hands into another man’s money. And it’s not the first time I’ve heard of this… But the stormy eyes in front of me hold no lies. I now feel myself slipping—sliding down a path I’m not willing to look back on. Finding the meaning, even the light behind being a target…for Daddy.

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