Taken by Pirates by Haley Travis


It’s bad enough that a girl was taken from her hometown. But by a ship full of pirates? It’s actually the best thing that has ever happened to a charming young lady who yearns for freedom.

Captain Maddox: We were trading more than thieving lately, as we tried to become more respectable. Pirates or not, taking a young lady aboard our vessel without her permission is the last thing we’d ever do. Yet now that Maggie was here and begging to be kept on board, I found myself needing to change for the better. Her auburn-tinged hair and wide blue eyes were captivating, but it was her sweetness that melted my heart. I needed to protect her, to show her that there were good men in this world. Hopefully, I could find a way to keep her safe in my arms forever. In my mind, she was already mine.

Maggie: Being torn from my horrible old life was a blessing, of sorts. Yet learning the ways of a sailing vessel filled with men was strange indeed. The Captain seemed to be fine with letting me stay aboard… at first. He made me feel things I’d never dared to dream of. Strange, powerful feelings that roiled in my belly. Every time he touched me, I wanted to give myself to him completely. But the tides and the winds are fickle, and life isn’t always smooth sailing. I didn’t know what I would do if he didn’t feel the same way.

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