Take Me Home by Cassie Mint


He’s my ex boyfriend’s uncle. The man who dropped us off at prom.

And I can’t stop thinking about him.

The plan was simple: I’d blow out of our small town in a blaze of glory, find a job in the city, and start my fabulous life. I was set.

But three years since graduating high school, and I barely have ten bucks to my name. Life has well and truly kicked my ass, and somehow I wash back up in the town I couldn’t wait to leave.

I guess it’s familiar, even though my parents are long gone. I guess he’s familiar too. Is that why I can’t keep away from Everett Bray?

It’s wrong to want him like I do. Wrong to lay awake at night, longing for him.

But sometimes when I catch him staring, I think…

Maybe he wants me too.

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