Switch by Hannah Morse


Time does not heal all wounds, or does it?

Anne Black enjoys being in control of her life. She trains MMA fighters by day and works as a dominatrix by night. A single encounter with a mysterious and handsome stranger turns her world upside down. Suddenly, memories of another life haunt her. Top hats, carriages, and ballgowns? Love? It can’t be real!

William Ollerton imagined a quiet life in a vicarage with his young wife, until she is brutally murdered. Grief-stricken, he accepts the gift of immortality with the hope he will see his lost love reborn. Centuries pass, but one night changes his world and eternity doesn’t seem impossible after all.

When the past clashes with the present, the hunt is on and everything he’s waited for is put at risk. Will Anne and William have their second chance? Or will history repeat itself?

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