Sweet Liberty by Cristina Ryan


Ali is the rising star of a soap opera, and her longtime dream of winning an Emmy looks promising this year. When Luke Carter joins the cast, she’s floored. He’s the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart ten years ago, the bad guy she fell for and now has to pretend to fall for again on the show. When Luke acts blameless for breaking them apart, Ali’s frustration and ability to concentrate on her role are tested as embarrassing blunders ensue. No way is she going to let Luke ruin what she’s worked so hard for. And she absolutely doesn’t notice how gorgeous or endearing he is.

Luke is excited about starting his new career, but it’s hard to work alongside Ali, the only woman he ever loved, the woman who ghosted him for no reason. He accepted her rejection long ago, so why does he find himself drawn to her again, especially when she clearly doesn’t want anything to do with him? The workplace proves challenging for them both when gaffes and old feelings get in the way of their performances. Luke is determined to keep things professional, but when the director orders them to practice their lines outside of work, they are forced to deal with their unresolved past and new feelings.

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