Sweet Champagne by Lyz Kelley & Ann Stuart


All these years she’s loved him, and now fate is asking her to decide. Try one more time or walk away.

Paige Weaver hasn’t been home to California since the tragic death of her beloved older sister, a loss that ripped her family apart. Sixteen years working overseas as an English teacher has done little to heal her grief or diminish her unrequited love for Noah Myers, her sister’s high school love and widowed husband. When Noah calls and invites Paige to attend a family wedding as his plus-one, she tries her hardest to resist the lure of reconnecting with Noah and the tight-knit circle of friends and family who once meant so much to her. At a crossroads in her life and desperate to make peace with her past, Paige finally accepts Noah’s invitation.

Running away is what Noah Myers does best—from grief, from commitment, and, fastest of all, from memories. Like his sister-in-law, Paige, he abandoned everything familiar after cancer claimed his beautiful young wife. Noah’s heart still bears the scars of loss, and guilt about being unable to save her still haunts his days and nights. After reluctantly agreeing to attend his little sister’s wedding, Noah reaches out to the one person who’s always been there for him, the very special woman who seems to understand his feelings without him saying a single word. But instead of revisiting unwanted memories, Noah’s family reunion begins the healing process and triggers an astonishing insight.

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