Summer Solstice by Jami Denise


Calista Boyd had one fatal flaw.

Her taste in men.

After the end of a disastrous marriage, she returns to her hometown in Seaside Oregon to make fresh start.
She rediscovers her love for the ocean and a renewed passion for creating art from the sea, and starts an exciting new business selling her jewelry designs. With the support of her friends and family, she’s on a path to find the happiness she gave up on years ago.

When she finds a man lying in an alley one night, bloody and beaten, suddenly the path she’d carefully navigated shifted. Another complicated man in her life was the last thing she needed, but this stranger has a hold on her she can’t ignore.

Ellis Vaughn was tired.

For years he’d had to fight to survive his own bad decisions and what fate had handed to him.

He’d found a quiet life, but the pull of his old ways won out. When his little brother goes missing, all arrows point to a small beach town in Oregon, and what he finds there is more than the trouble he expected.

The last thing he imagined fate to hand him was a beautiful blonde angel who stirs feelings he’d never thought he’d consider.

Like forever.

When the danger following Ellis threatens to tear through the bloom of happiness between them, can they trust each other enough to save what they’ve begun to feel?

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