Summer Love Complete Box Set by Haley Travis


Read all 5 steamy & sweet instalove romance novellas in one book! Follow all of the girls on vacation as they find HOT summer love.

Summer Love in the Country – #1
Joanna’s writing retreat heats up when a sweet farmhand shows her the poetry of real passion.
Joanna sets off for the perfect country vacation – to pick vegetables in the mornings, and finish writing her poetry book in the afternoons. She finds even more inspiration when gorgeous hunk Dean can’t keep his hands off her. Their instant attraction grows faster and fresher than the produce, but they’re both a bit quiet in their own ways. Will they give in to the electrical storm brewing between them? Can Dean understand that he’s truly the right man for her?

Summer Love at the Lake – #2
When Laura spends two weeks as a lifeguard, the hunk next door has her drowning in desire.
Laura found a summer job supervising kids by a tranquil lake. When her boss’s brother shows up to repair the old cabin next door, it was too easy to fall completely for the huge carpenter. But when she discovers Paul isn’t revealing the whole truth about his life, her nervous fears set in. Should she listen to her head or her heart?

Summer Love in the City – #3
Kim’s focus on her job is completely blurred by a hot man’s instant obsession.
Kim stays in the city for her vacation, and accidentally meets Devin – a gorgeous, sharply dressed guy who seems like a player. He doesn’t exactly explain what he does for a living, but he’s well connected. When something far too convenient happens, Kim has to wonder whether it was really a coincidence. How obsessed is this rough, tattooed man, and how far will he go to win her heart?

Summer Love at the Beach – #4
Becca has always been shy, but Mitch makes her feel like a sexy treasure.
Mitch is a handsome but tough guy, and Becca wonders if he’s actually dangerous… until he makes her laugh endlessly. Everything goes wonderfully until his past shows up to try to tear them apart. He’s going to have to dig deep, and convince her that she’s the ultimate prize.

Summer Love in the Forest – #5
Kate’s quiet retreat goes off the beaten path, but Ray protects her from everything but his own instant obsession.
Kate’s creative break wanders off the trail immediately, but Ray appears out of the dark to save her. She can’t believe this hulking woodsman seems instantly addicted to her, but it feels so right, she’ll have to follow the forest path to see where it leads. Is there a chance for a fling among the trees to really take root?

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