Summer in Paradise by Reba Bale


This island vacation was supposed to be her honeymoon… until Summer found her husband-to-be pounding his co-worker the day before the wedding.

Summer’s life is crashing down around her, but the one thing she can salvage from her canceled wedding is the honeymoon. Her trip to the Temptation in Paradise resort is already paid for. Now she’s on her dream vacation alone, and she’s ready to embrace her new single life and finally have some fun. But she won’t be alone for long…

Best friends Dylan and Mark have won the vacation of a lifetime: an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas. So what if it’s a couple’s paradise? They’re going to live it up on the beach, surf, play golf, and enjoy the all-expenses-paid amenities. But when they see a beautiful woman dining alone, their plans change.

After one day with Summer, they know they don’t just want a vacation fling…they want a lifetime.

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