Summer Escapades by Barb Shuler & KA Graham


If she won’t offer to bury a body for you, is she really your best friend?

Mara Applegate thought she had it all: A high-end, lucrative career she loved and a handsome man who loved her.

It was the start of a happily ever after until it all fell apart and slipped between her fingers. It’s one thing to find out her fiancé never loved her. It’s another to have him throw that misplaced love in her face. His choices were now her fault.

Needing a safe place to recollect herself, Mara calls her long-time best friend and takes a road trip to Oregon. Brenna was now the only person she had in the world. The one person that, no matter what, would never abandon her.

Two friends, once separated by distance and life, set out on a new adventure. They’re on a search to find themselves and maybe, just maybe, find happiness.

Can the men they encounter handle their brand of crazy, or are they doomed to be a passing fling?

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