Sucking Dead by Andie M. Long


Welcome to Gnarly Fell!

In this three-book collection, meet vampire Mya as she navigates her new role as Queen of Wayward Souls and the other residents of this crazy village named after its gnarled trees.


Book 1: Sucking Dead – Mya is faced with two choices on her death: she can simply not exist, or she can become Queen of the Wayward and Death’s sidekick. It’s a no-brainer when the latter comes with a mansion and shoes. Plus, Death is tall, dark, and broody…

Book 2: My Vampire Boyfriend Sucks – When Callie discovers someone wants to kill her, she reluctantly agrees to vampire Lawrie becoming her bodyguard. The situation sucks… just like her fake boyfriend.

Book 3: Sucking Hell – Nick’s crush on fae Dela stays unrequited because she refuses to date anyone who lives in Gnarly. As the son of Santa, what Nick needs is a Christmas miracle…

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