Stuck with the Grump by Josie Hart


Lying to my best friend wasn’t the worst thing I did, His little sister was. I retreated to my family’s shared cabin after a company scandal. Instead of fuming alone, there was my best friend’s little sister, all grown up. When the storm washes the road away, we get really cozy. She still has that smart mouth on her. Unafraid to bite back and put me in my place. Her killer curves and sinful pout make me go primal. But she’s out of bounds. Pals before gals, Mates before dates, Bros before… you get the point. I came here to escape my problems, Instead, I got one more that I can’t keep my hands off of. My reputation and my oldest friendship is on the line, And she says she won’t give her heart away again. Well, I’m going to take it anyway.

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