Stuck With My Ex’s Best Friend by Kristine W. Joy


Now I’m stuck in a tiny mountain town, at the mercy of a man who hates my guts — my ex-husband’s infuriatingly attractive best friend…

All I got in the divorce was this unfinished ‘cabin.’

The plan was to sell it and move on.

A modeling career is useless in the woods, and my savings are nonexistent.

But I can’t list the home in this condition.

So now I’m living in a construction zone in the middle of a literal forest…

Relying on a billionaire architect, who is also my ex-husband’s best friend, and seemingly determined to sabotage the whole thing.

Small towns have a way of bringing people together…

And suddenly, I’m finding myself attracted to him, wondering if I should stick around here longer…

Now I have to make a choice — Follow my head, or risk it all again and follow my heart.

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