Stuck Together by Aria Bliss


This was my last chance. If I didn’t take this job, I’d have to move. Everything will be fine, as long as I can avoid him. I never dreamed I’d lose my job for filing a sexual harassment complaint against my boss. I was dead wrong. For six months, I’ve struggled to find a new job. My old boss blacklisted me from every advertising agency in the city. I had one option left. One I didn’t want to have to take. Accepting a job from my grandmother’s best friend would mean I’d have to see Logan again. The man who broke my heart fifteen years ago.

I’m an asshole. I sabotage every relationship I’m ever in. And it’s all because of her. I hate the holidays. My wife left me with a newborn baby on Christmas eve. I should’ve known better than to marry her in the first place. I didn’t love her. She wasn’t Madison. No woman was Madison. But I’d screwed that up when I ran away from her because I young, stupid, and scared. I never expected to see her again, but when she walks back into my life, everything around me crumbles. I have to find a way to make her mine … again.

Forced to share a cabin at a Vermont Mountain resort during an early blizzard, Logan realizes he still wants Madison just as much as he did fifteen years ago. But is Madison willing to risk her heart again for the man who crushed her? Or will she close herself off to him for good?

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