Stranded with the Alien by Roxy Nash



I was supposed to be on a mission to start a human settlement in a distant galaxy. Instead I’ve crash landed on the wrong planet alongside a team of alien warriors.

They’re the least of our worries as we deal with our shattered ship and our injured crew.

But then their leader proudly hands me a drawing. It’s, uh, me. It’s us, in a very… ahem… compromising position.

When I said I was excited about first contact, this wasn’t the type of contact I had in mind. But the image is in my head now, and it isn’t going away…




Fate has blessed me! My condemned life was spared, and now I’ve found my mate against all the odds in the universe.

We don’t share a language, and her customs are confounding, but my destiny is tied to her, now.

When she discovers the dangers of this wild planet, she decides to risk her life saving her friends. I won’t let anything happen to her, no matter how badly she wants to jump face-first into peril.

But the looming threats may be bigger than any of us realize…

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