Storybook Pub 2


What’s your fantasy? Your secret desires?

Step into a Storybook Pub to experience the magical hospitality of proprietor Kole O’Shea.

From bewitched bartenders to time travel and a singles cruise in Storybook Pub. To reminding us all about the spirit of Christmas, a sexy Santa, and a naughty reindeer in Storybook Pub Christmas Wishes.

What wishes will Kole have in store? Love? Fantasy? Second chances? Your dreams will be fulfilled.

Storybook Pub 2… Where wishes come true!

Featured Authors:
DC Renee
Naomi Springthorp
Ember-Raine Winters
Tonya Clark
Alexi Ferreira
Claire Davon
C. J. Corbin
Lane Martin
Rayne Elizabeth
Cam Johns
Tessa McFionn
E.K. Woodcock
Rachel Radner
Kenzie Rose
Brynn North
Melody Dawn
Dakota Brown
Victoria J. Hyla
Danielle Wright

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