Stolen Shot by Pippa Green


I take a weekend in Vegas to blow off steam, and what happens? Somehow I end up married to a curvy brunette. It wouldn’t be so bad if both she and her overbearing daddy didn’t work for a rival NHL team. But they’re Arizona Rattlesnakes, and I’m a Minnesota Raider through and through.

As a true romantic who always thinks the latest girl is the one, I agree to try and make it work, to salvage both of our reputations.

At least, I try.

And being with Cassidy is no hardship—in fact, everything about my brainy bride is a delight, though trying to work a long-distance relationship with a woman who doubts herself and my commitment to her isn’t easy. Still, where love is concerned, I say, whatever it takes. Especially with her.

Just when I think we’re making progress, my past comes back to haunt us. And although Cassidy may not be the first woman I’ve fallen for, I want her to be my last. It may take the biggest sacrifice ever to prove to her that this fake Vegas marriage is real. Go big or go home, right? All I know now…is that home is with Cassidy. Wherever she wants to be.

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