Stealing Truck by Jewelz Baxter


What would you do if mistaken identity put you in the hands of a gorgeously seductive biker? That’s what happens to Imogen Johnson when a club bet puts her on the radar of the vice president of The Silent Chains MC.

Imogen has lived a sheltered and solitude existence until she arrived in town beginning a new chapter in her life. But her world is thrown into turmoil when she meets the vice president of the local MC. A chance meeting. A charming date. One night that will change her life forever.

Hunter “Truck” Grant is devoted to the Silent Chains MC. He loves the brotherhood and the lifestyle of freedom. Freedom to do as he wants, when he wants, and with whom he wants.

Then one bet changes everything. Charm the girl. Win the bet. Move on to the next pretty face. But letting go of this one-night stand might come at a higher price than he bargained for.

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