States of Love: Colorado Cowboy by Ann Omasta & Callie Love


Colt Zimmer’s beautiful wife, Maddie, died in a freak riding accident. The last thing the grieving man needs is Maddie’s pushy sister, Sadie, staking a claim on his land.

Widower Colt simply wants to mourn the loss of his beloved wife in peace on his sprawling Colorado ranch, Marigold Meadow.

City girl Sadie misses her older sister, Maddie, more than words can say.

Colt and Sadie have nothing in common, other than their love for Maddie and their grief over her passing.

When Maddie’s will reveals that her half of Marigold Meadow has been left to Sadie, sparks are sure to fly. How will this work out? Find out in Colorado Cowboy.

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