States of Love: Alaska Adventurer by Ann Omasta & Callie Love


Boone Crawford knows he’s a grumpy recluse, and he’s fine with that. But when Quinn Landish, a proverbial ray of city-girl sunshine, arrives on his doorstep in remote Alaska — with his orphaned niece and nephew in tow — their instant attraction is hot enough to melt a glacier!

Boone loves his life as a mountain man loner, so why in the world did his brother’s will grant Boone custody of his young nephew and teenaged niece?

Quinn’s best friend would not approve of her kids being sent to the middle of nowhere to live with an antisocial grouch. Quinn is sure of it.

To make sure the kids aren’t being placed in a dangerous situation, she decides to deliver them to rural Alaska herself.

The elegant fashionista does not belong in the wild country of Alaska, nor do the spoiled kids she brought with her.

Boone is determined to send the trio on their way. Will he be able to keep them from melting his icy heart? Find out when you read Alaska Adventurer.

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