Starting Over in Silver Leaf Falls by Christina Butrum


Can this single dad be taught a lesson in love—by his daughter’s teacher?

Wes Davis is back in Silver Leaf Falls with his 6-year-old daughter in tow. If there is anywhere he can provide the kind of life his daughter deserves, it is his hometown. Wes never expected someone like Brenna when he went to Meet the Teacher night. As amazing as she seems, he’d be crazy to get involved with his daughter’s favorite teacher.

Brenna Gibson adores her job as a first-grade teacher in Silver Leaf Falls. Since she’ll never have kids of her own, her students are the next best thing. She pays special attention to the ones who seem to need a little extra motherly love, like new-in-town Kenzie Davis. And Kenzie’s dad? Well, he is worth a second glance, too.

Brenna and Wes want what is best for Kenzie, but their fears keep holding them back. Can each of them embrace the possibility of a future they never expected?

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