Stand By Me by Kelly Moore


A modern-day hero…of sorts.

John Remington, a hitman and an elite member of men who take no-questions-asked contracts to eliminate the evilest of men. His next mission should be like all the others, easy in and easy out. Instead, he becomes the hunted when he meets his target – a sexy, intelligent, gorgeous woman, who happens to be the president’s daughter.

After her mother died of cancer, Brooklyn was determined to utilize her research lab to find a cure for a disease that kills millions of people. Now that she has the answers in her hand, she becomes the target of the pharmaceutical lions. She finds herself running cross-country with a man who terrifies her. He’s a cold-blooded killer, and she’d rather take her chances on her own. She discovers he’s her white knight and falls into a dangerous love affair with the man who was hired to kill her.

When the hunter becomes the prey, Remington races time to keep Brooklyn safe. He exposes the secrets of very powerful men who want them both dead. Danger stays on their heels for fear-drenched days. Remington will give-up his life to make sure her cure is given to the world. Keeping the woman who has stolen his heart safe is the only thing that matters.

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