Spotted Horse by Elizabeth Anne Porter


It was almost certain Spotted Horse’s wounds would be his end. The Warrior considered praying for death to avoid being a burden to his already struggling village. His mind was in a strange, dark place of hopelessness when the only white survivor of the attack was brought into his tipi to be his caretaker.
Skye hadn’t agreed with her family’s choice to stake a claim in the middle of Blackfoot territory. The battle that ensued from their intrusion killed everyone in the party save Skye. Finding herself “given” to a half-dead warrior was not helpful to her psyche. Escaping the village to find the nearest fort was all she could think about, until she saw the injured Warrior. She should have hated the man but the sight of him woke desires in her she never knew existed.
The flame-haired woman was loud, opinionated, and stubborn but also, very much alone. Something about her excited Spotted Horse and restored the Warrior’s desire to live. Despite the contempt displayed by the members of the village, he wanted to share his life with her.
Can Spotted Horse recover from his injuries well enough to be the man Skye needs?
Can Skye conquer her fear of living the remainder of her life with the Blackfoot?
Can love find a way to overcome the hatred their people have for each other?

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