Special Forces Bear Shifter Mate by Jade Alters


Special Ops bear shifter Jace doesn’t date human women. But when Julie’s plane is shot down, Jace rushes to her rescue and discovers a burning desire he never expected. White-hot passion ignites amid a raging Alaskan Blizzard!

His life was simple. Nothing stood in the way of his duty to his country. Jace was alone, but he accepted it; there was no place for him among humans.

His mission: find the Russians and stop them from harming our country. He found them alright but no one warned him Julie would be involved.

Jace had always looked from far but now that he’s felt her searing touch, she’s all that he wants.

Their worlds were separate. That’s the way it’s always been.

To build a life together, they have to break all the rules. If they get out alive, will Julie accept his bear as her mate?

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