Spark by RK Close


What could be more dangerous to a secret wolf-shifter than vampires moving into town? A tenatious news reporter on the hunt for a story.
Jessica Parker is beautiful, determined, and pushes all of Liam’s buttons—good and bad. She’s a skilled reporter, and that’s the very reason she’s now in danger. Liam’s obligated to keep her at a distance, so she doesn’t learn that he’s wilder than she might imagine. Trouble is he’s compelled to protect her because she might be his true mate. Can he shield her from the vampires and still keep his secret safe? Or will he risk it all and end up on the evening news?

Jessica’s hunting a murderer and she knows that the stern Captain McKenzie is hiding something big. But is the secretive firefighter capable of murder? If she can keep her wits around him, she might find out.

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