Soul-iloquy by Kristeen Groth


Lily St. Angelo’s life is perfect. She has everything she ever wanted. So why is there a hollow void in the pit of her stomach, and a darkness suffocating her spirit?

As an ICU nurse, Lily is as conventional as they come. But in her desperate search for meaning and fulfillment, she’ll try anything to find the answers she seeks, even having conversations with her soul.

Suddenly, everything she thought she knew about herself is turned upside down as she struggles to find her path. Could energy healing hold the key to her happiness? And does she have the courage to face her old beliefs, expectations, and past trauma to heal the ache inside of her?

Join Lily as she navigates through indecision and despair, a love triangle, and a quest for answers that leads her to a crossroads, where she must choose between two divergent lives—and two vastly different men. Which path will lead to true love and the happily ever after she desires?

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