Song of Nightingales by Jo Grafford


A CEO who falls in love with a woman he can’t have…

Kellan Maddox is determined to change his image from a wealthy playboy (which isn’t entirely accurate) to a socially responsible executive. His first step is helping rebuild a town devastated by tornados. Naturally, he chose this particular project in the hopes of turning his friendship with a hometown girl into something more. Old habits die hard. But he sees no reason why he can’t mix a little work with pleasure.

Dr. Patty Iwasaki chooses to set up practice at the rural Heart Lake Medical Center to dodge both a stalker and the pressures of her big-city family. Everything is going smoothly, until her bestie insists on introducing her to the new guy in town. A charity foundation owner from old family money who represents everything she hates. A guy whose very presence seems to yank her stalker out of retirement. A guy who ignites a spark of attraction she can’t seem to quench no matter how hard she tries.

As danger closes in, he might also be the only guy who can protect her from a powerful enemy from her past.

Welcome to Heart Lake! A small town teaming with old family rivalries and the rumble of horses’ hooves — faith-filled romance that you’ll never forget.

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Clean & Sweet Romance

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