Soldiers and Sweethearts by Rose Pearson


War was the background of the Regency period but that didn’t stop Lords and Ladies from finding their true love!

England and France were at war yet the English had many French friends and relatives. What a complicated world to navigate for the ton! This series includes stories of how the war played a role that society could not ignore, although they wanted to do so.

To Trust a Viscount
Miss Sarah Graham knows details about the war from her father. She must be on her guard to ensure some sweet-talking gentleman doesn’t elicit any of these details from her. Can Viscount Harrogate be trusted? Can she dare to trust him – not only with the truth but with her own heart?

Whispers of the Heart
Miss Ann Whyte is off to a London season under the care of the Earl of Ware, but he keeps forgetting she exists! But when other gentlemen begin to pursue her, he is jealous! Can Ann ever come to care for him?

Dare to Love a Marquess
Lady Georgina is pulled from her carriage by an unknown assailant, and Frederick, the Marquess of Stratham, promises to protect her. She pursues the Marquess, determined to find out the truth about the incident, only to find a mystery and a growing affection for the Marquess himself.

Healing the Earl
The Earl of Brinsworth, haunted by memories of the war, finds Miss Clara Lockhart to be a calming force with her gentle nature. Clara, forgotten by an uncaring father, is forced to become a companion to a long-lost friend of her mother. Can she dare to dream that she might find happiness? But a sudden danger then threatens them both.

A Lady’s Brave Heart
Lady Violet is afraid of her brother and suspects something dark is going on within his house. She is terrified of his nefarious plans that endanger a duke she has befriended. Can she find the courage to intervene and save the man who stole her heart?

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