Soar by Sarah Zolton Arthur


When destiny calls, you answer… or die trying.

Saahirah of the Gyr, a falcon-shifter was on the vacation of a lifetime when her camp was attacked and her family, murdered.

Sold into a harem kept by the regent of the land, and desperate to escape, Saahirah clung to one thought to keep from losing hope: there’s a mate somewhere destined for me. I can’t give in to the regent or I’ll never know true happiness.

In her bid to escape, a problem arose that Saahirah never saw coming: the regent had one of the world’s most powerful witches in his employ.

Only witch power could fight witch power. Saahirah did what any smart-minded twenty-something shifter would do—she taught herself magic. Although a natural witch held more power, a made witch was better than nothing at all.

The magic, however, worked differently than she’d envisioned, connecting her with a mysterious figure with honey-amber eyes that pulled her heartstring taut. Fate had brought her to her mate, and Saahirah knew the adventure of a lifetime was about to begin.

Crest, aerie-lord and youngest brother to the future King of the Roc was the one to answer her call. Even though the timing seemed off, with an evil presence threatening the world, they discovered they were stronger together and their bond proved to be exactly what they needed—a reminder of what they were fighting for… and why they had to win.

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