Snow Mountain by Kelsey Kain


With the season almost over, Melanie decides to finally take a break from the mundane to enjoy a few days in the snow. Although none of her friends can make it, she’s determined to make the most of her snowy stay.

Yet snowboarding alone is a recipe for disaster and soon Melanie finds herself lost in the white abyss…

Luckily for her, Joseph’s dog is also running loose on the mountains and whilst searching through raging winds, he stumbles upon a frightened Melanie. Despite her eagerness to go it alone, Joseph manages to coax her into the safety of his cabin. Where they are soon forced to camp until the storm subsides.

Will Melanie discover there’s more to life than her fierce independence, and can Joseph hold out until she does?

Things might be cold outside, but in here, they’re just starting to heat up.

Mother Nature’s last hurrah is a snowstorm that knocks out the power to half the mountain. Everything in Emerald Ridge has grounded to a halt. Everybody is stuck—with their neighbor, their enemy, their secret crush…

This spring, we’re snowed in at Emerald Ridge. Good thing there’s plenty of hot kisses to keep us warm on these cold days.

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