Snaring the Drummer by Jade Waltz


We came for one reason: to answer their call.

Humans sent many messages into space carrying basic information about themselves and their home planet, Earth.

When we arrived, I studied their mating practices and their communities often gather to witness a sacred mating dance amid a traditional mock battle between two warring deities.

Somehow, there is a tribe that worshiped a being eerily similar in appearance of my kind—and for that reason, my leaders decided not to waste any time to introduce ourselves.

Only we made a mistake—and now, we need to decide what to do with these hostile savages now that they are aboard our ship.

Until we do, I am responsible for caring for their leader—but as I spend more time with her, the more I fall for her and crave to be her mate.

What if I don’t want her to return home?

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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