Small Town Players by Cassie-Ann L. Miller


Quirky, sexy, hilarious small town football goodness!

In the Small Town Players: The Iowa Paragons Box Set, you’ll get three full-length hilarious and swoony small town romantic comedies featuring the hottest players on the Iowa Paragons football team.

Contains:Dirty Player – a fake fiancé football romance
Mister Baller – a small town enemies-to-roommates-to-lovers romance
Playing House – a small town friends-to-lovers, accidental marriage romance


Faith Monroe: I’ve been catfished. My fairytale Internet romance has quickly turned into a nightmare. Now, I’m stranded 2000 miles from home with no ID, no money and nowhere to lay my head on this hellish California night… He was supposed to be my valiant white knight, a friend-of-a-friend sent to save me from my poor life choices. But, Maxwell Masters likes to play dirty…he wants something in return. (No, not THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter). Maxwell Masters: I’m the ultimate pro football bad boy. And after a string of bar brawls, a bit of bad behavior on social media and a drunken game of naked truth-or-dare on a public beach, my career is on the line. My only hope of saving my very lucrative contract is to prove to the team’s management that I’m a changed man in a committed relationship and that my player moves are now reserved exclusively for the football field. So, when the gorgeous friend-of-a-friend happens to stumble into my life, desperate vulnerable and in need of rescuing, I see the perfect opportunity. Faith Monroe will be my fake fiancée. Unless she’d rather hitchhike her fine ass all the way back to Reyfield, Illinois.



My college rival. My ex-husband’s best friend. My new roommate? Oh, boy. The last thing I want is to rent my spare bedroom to my ex-husband’s best friend. His six-foot-three, dimple-faced, alphahole best friend. His injured-professional-football-player best friend. But desperate times, desperate measures, y’know? I can’t afford to hold grudges. These heaping bills of mine won’t pay themselves. Keeping my distance from my new roommate should be simple enough. I mean, I can’t stand Jude Kingston. Plus, as my ex’s friend, he’s so off-limits he’s virtually radioactive. In any case, Jude promises to stay out of my way. He’s just a broken football hero in need of a quiet place to focus on healing his injured knee and saving his lifelong dream. Harmless, right? Um, not so much… Suddenly, lust is throbbing in every room of this house. Lingering gazes over the dinner table… Sweaty workout sessions on the living room floor… Stolen kisses in the moonlit hallways…But when a piece of my past threatens his entire future, will our love even stand a chance?



I only showed up to crash my best friend’s sister’s wedding. So how did I become the groom?! Oops! When I charged up those courthouse steps to stop Sera’s wedding, I didn’t exactly have a plan. But there’s no way I was letting my best friend’s little sister marry some no-good tool who doesn’t deserve her. Let’s just say things got out of control. Fast. Now, the wedding is off. And Sera is crushed. And I’m just trying to be a good friend. “Come stay at my place. Until you’re back on your feet.” “Have some tequila. It’ll ease the pain.” “And what’s a few much-needed orgasms between friends?” Well, maybe I crossed the line with that last one. Oh, but it gets worse… Because we just woke up naked and hungover. And Sera’s wearing a big, ugly diamond ring. On second thought, “oops!” might be an understatement.

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