Slip Shot by Pippa Green


My best buddy from high school is marrying my ex and I’m the best man. Talk about awkward. The silver lining is I’m paired for the wedding with the groom’s little sister Chloe. She’s always been adorable…also, off limits – because I’m the small-town bad boy, now an NHL star, and she’s the pastor’s daughter.

But weddings make people do crazy things and we end up doing each other. It’s our little secret and we’re never repeating it.

Except it’s hard to keep an accidental pregnancy secret for long- and when she shows up on my doorstep, I know I’ve messed up her whole life. Is it bad that I’m not upset about this baby?

As the only kid of a single mom, I’m going to do whatever Chloe and the baby need me to do, and if that means a fake relationship to keep her family happy, then I’m all in and my hockey family is on board to help me. If only the lines between fake and real weren’t so fucking blurry.

I never wanted a family but I’ve always wanted Chloe. Now I just have to convince her that this reformed bad boy is good enough for her and our child…

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