Single Dad Bosshole by Josie Hart


Getting it on with my boss on his desk wasn’t in my new job description.

Silver fox and ultimate DILF, Mr. Charles Conrad, commands respect and works overtime to give his daughter everything after they lost her mom.

Spilling coffee all over his Italian leather shoes definitely wasn’t how I wanted to make my first impression.

I can’t help it. Being in the same room with his chiseled body and thick forearms gets me hot and flustered.

It’s impossible to resist the authority of an older man in a perfectly tailored suit.

He’s my boss and I’m the new hire. The rules are plain and simple.

Until I’m asked to fill in for a work trip and I fall even deeper by connecting with his daughter too.

It’s obvious from his gaze that he wants me just as much as I want him.

My goals were simple: secure a job, avoid another office scandal, and live my best damn life.

What do I do now when neither of us can, or want to, stick to the rules?

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