Silver Saints MC: Volume 2 by Fiona Davenport


The members of the Silver Saints MC are ready to claim their women.

This collection includes the fourth, fifth, and sixth stories in the Silver Saints MC series, plus 3 brand-new epilogues.

Hack: Barrett “Hack” Moore has been obsessed with Paisley Wessex for six long months. Staying away from her was the last thing Hack wanted, but that’s what he did because it was what she needed.

Dax: David “Dax” Xavier knew he was supposed to stay away from Arya Rossi. Not only was she too young for him…Arya was the sister of one of his Silver Saints MC brothers.

Nova: Nova Rossi wasn’t happy when the Silver Saints MC president assigned him a babysitting job. Not until he saw Rylee Nelson’s picture.

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