Shattered Diamonds by Ann Omasta


His wife has been missing for nearly a year…
…and the accusing looks tear him apart.

Can Alex rebuild his life?

Josie was the darling of Brunswick Bay Harbor. The locals rallied around her dreams of Olympic gold in swimming. It wasn’t to be and her life crashed down around her.

Can she find meaning again?

Alex misses his wife. Heartbroken and barely hanging on, he must raise his daughter alone. Living each day as the prime suspect in the scandal of the century is more than he can bear. How could they believe it was him?

He needs help.

Josie needs a job, and the only one she’s qualified for is being a nanny to Alex’s adorable daughter, Hannah. Will working for the town’s most notorious murder suspect bring Jo the purpose she craves, or will it prove to be a deadly mistake?

Can two lost souls save each other?

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