Sharing Their Mountain Bride by Penelope Wylde


Holden and Riley are the men of my dreams. But me…the bride of two possessive mountain men?


Our big-city Texan girl has no idea what to do with two small-town best friends who like to share almost everything. Including their women.

Alaska is wild and so is our love for Savage Ridge’s new teacher. One night is all Zahara asked for, but two months later we’re still burning up the sheets and chasing the Alaskan midnight sun to bed.

Raven-haired, beautiful, stubborn…and all ours as long as she remains on our mountain. One taste of those sassy, sweet lips and both me and my best friend want more.

More of her, her delicious curvy body and beautiful soul.

Rough mountain search and rescue men like us should have walked away from the soft virgin school teacher, but Zahara didn’t come to a place like Savage Ridge for tame and mild.

She came for us…again and again.

But a few soul-scorching climaxes aren’t enough to melt the wall of ice around our sweet teacher’s heart. Sure, we helped her mend a broken heart and she saved us from our lonely existence. But our girl thinks Savage Ridge is only a pit stop in her life and that no one would want a family with her.

We have news for her. She tempted two rough, possessive mountain men who don’t like to give up what’s ours. We’ll make Zahara our bride and show her just how beautiful she’ll look round with our babies.

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