Shadowed Rubies by Ann Omasta


Dr. Danica Waters had valid reasons for moving away from her quaint hometown of Brunswick Bay Harbor, Maine.

Sexy firefighter, Max Malone, is a prime example of the judgmental jerks who made her want to leave and never look back.

When dire circumstances force brilliant Dani to return to the seaside village where she grew up and faced near-constant ridicule, she needs to prove that her tormentors didn’t win.

Notorious bad-boy, Max, keeps rescuing Dr. Waters from precarious situations, but the curvy stunner seems immune to his charm––even when a tragic fire and the local fugitive bring Dani, Max, and their entire coastal Maine town together in surprising ways.

Will these delightful, damaged characters be able to heal each other and embrace love or will the dark shadows of their pasts destroy them? Find out now in Shadowed Rubies.

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