Shadowborne Academy Boxed Set by Kennedy Morgan


Welcome to Shadowborne Academy where vampire hunters are trained.


The Stake: Book One

Some are chosen. Some choose. Some will live. Some will die.

Ash Carter was chosen. She has her reasons for being there, for pushing so hard, for staying so strong. She knows what happens when someone lets down their guard after dark. If Ash has her way, no one else will find out again.

Jax Miller chose. He has his reasons for attending the school, for studying the curriculum and Ash. He loves a good hunt, lives for the night, and does his best work in the shadows.

The stake is their weapon of choice, but at stake is their future.



The Sword: Book Two

In Shadowborne Academy, vampire hunters are trained in self-defense and taught to wield weapons against the enemy.

Sometimes the enemy is the vampire. Sometimes the enemy is closer to home.

Ash Carter returned to Shadowborne knowing her time there was limited. Her father, head of the council, would never allow her to stay, never permit her to follow her calling. Instead of following his wishes, she decided to follow in his foot steps.

Jax Miller’s time at the academy had ended. No longer welcome, he had to sneak around the grounds. This time his purpose had changed. Instead of causing harm, he was intent on doing good.

Those who live by the sword, may die by the sword, even at Shadowborne.



The Dagger: Book Three

In Shadowborne Academy, vampire hunters are taught to wield the dagger in close handed combat.

The silver dagger doesn’t kill. Instead, the vampire is frozen in time and place, a coma of sorts.

Ash Carter found her mother daggered in her father’s study and everything she thought she knew about her mother’s death and her father’s life was suddenly called into question. Her list of enemies grew. Her determination to end the queen waned. How could she lose Jax too?

Jax Miller found the witch who’d grown up in the hive a prisoner in the Shadowborne dungeon. She offered him hope, she offered him a cure, she offered herself. Unfortunately, he only wanted two out of three because an eternity without Ash would be a punishment he’d never survive.

Choices will be made. Weapons will be wielded. Shadowborne Academy, the council, and love are on the line.

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