Seven Kisses by D.L. Gallie


It was only meant to be a New Year’s kiss for Huxley and Kendall, but one kiss wasn’t enough.
Seven kisses was all it took for them to know they’d found their happily ever after.
It seemed simple enough, but fate kept pulling them apart.
They hoped to have forever, but they were about to find out, happily ever afters might only be for fairy tales.


*Goes Live 12/28/2021*


This book is part of the Chasing Serendipity Serial Anthology: By Happenstance by LC Taylor, Seven Kisses by DL Gallie, Chance Encounter by Tara Lee, One Night Only by Rebecca Barber, All Clues Lead to Forever by Rhiannon Marina, Love Resolute by S.E. Roberts, Kismet by K.L. Ramsey, When the Ball Drops by EmKay Connor, Once Upon a New Year by Angie Cottingham, Sparks and Kisses by Jeanene Robinson, Wild Thing by Lux Miller, Champagne Resolutions by Taya Rune, Kiss & Tale by Imani Jay, When Love Lasts by F. East, and Dream House by Katherine Moore.

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