Semyon by Shyla Colt & Kyra Nyx


My nanny quit, we’re on the verge of war, and I have a meeting with a new person seeking assistance from the Orlov family. I’m at my wit’s end when she walks in, the answer to my prayers with her bachelor’s in child development and impeccable resume. She’s here to take care of my daughter. This means she should be off limits, but my heart and body have other ideas.

The Guesev family had never had much monetarily, but we’ve always had each other. So, when my sister disappears, I know foul play has happened. After the police dismiss my concerns, I’m forced to look into old-world justice. There’s only one man powerful enough to find her. I’m willing to offer the ruthless millionaire whatever he wants to find my baby sister before it’s too late.


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