Seeing Red by Jane Reyna


A woman caught in the wolf’s den. A detective on the hunt. With hearts and lives on the line – it’s got the makings of a perfect storm.

Rose Connor is an escort, and her only client is the richest, most dangerous man in town – Marcel Salvatore.

As if by chance, Rose runs into an old high school friend whilst on the job. She walks a dangerous line by seeing Lachlan during her time off – if her client found out, he would do more than sever their working relationship.

Lachlan Hunt has a secret of his own – he’s on the biggest case of his career, trying to bring down the infamous mob boss, The Silverback. On a tropical island, he reconnects with his school-boy crush and is once again smitten. Lachlan finds it difficult to focus on the case; the more he sees Rose, the more he wonders if she might be connected to the crime lord he’s been chasing.

Will Rose turn her back on a millionaire with the connections to destroy her life for a chance at true love?

Can Lachlan keep focused on his assignment, or will he risk it all by falling for his old love once again?

When the perfect storm becomes a hurricane, Rose and Lachlan are sure of just one thing – Don’t let the wolf win.

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