Seducing the Bride’s Uncle by Lisa Freed


Can a determined young woman convince an older man that she wants him not what he can buy her?


JENNIFER: After a breakup, the last thing I want to do is go to my brother’s wedding by myself and be surrounded by happy couples in love. Yet when a handsome older man sweeps me off my feet, I find myself melting into his embrace. Except he’s the bride’s uncle and insanely wealthy. When a misunderstanding has him pulling away, I need to convince him it’s his heart I’m after not his bank account.


THEODORE: Another wedding, another forced appearance, and the usual set-up with someone I’m not interested in. I’m no stranger to relationships and am tired of women pursuing me simply for my money. It’s bad enough my family uses me like their own personal piggy bank. Is it too much to hope after spending the evening with a charming young woman it’s not dollar signs in her eyes when she looks at me but something more?

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