Secret Santa by Kristin Lee


What happens when her Secret Santa is revealed? Will she return the gifts or will she wrap herself?

At thirty-six, Axel Chase is relieved when the judge sentenced him to community service until he hears the word—Santa.

Axel is the owner of the local automobile repair shop. He just moved back to take care of his grandfather, Pop. So, on top of the business, checking in on Pop, he now has to go “Ho Ho Hoing” and it’s not the kind of hoing he wants to do.

He’s dreading the assignment, especially because Christmas hasn’t been an enjoyable time of late—his kids are with his ex-wife and mega-successful stepdad. So when his first gig as Santa ends in a kiss sure to earn himself a place on the naughty list, his feelings for Christmas and the much younger woman next door, make land him in Christmas heaven.

Alice Gardner is a dental assistant and barely remembers the office Christmas party. Her boss has always been more about fireball shots than cookie exchanges. The year, she surprised the all-female crew with a Sexy Santa. A few shots in and Alice is sitting on his lap, telling him everything she wants for Christmas, including a little silver bullet. Before she leaves, she gives the sexy Santa a bone chilling kiss, for extra incentive.

She is determined to make this the best Christmas ever. Christmas has always consisted of one batch of homemade cookies with Nana and a couple of presents under the tree. Other than a silver bullet, all Alice wants is a family.

When someone starts giving her everything off her wish list, Alice begins to believe that in Kissing Springs, Santa is real.

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