Secret of the Broken King by Eliza Raine


He married me, exiled me, and now he’s the only thing stopping me from saving my sister.

My sister is turning to stone. She’s been asleep for eight years – the same amount of time I’ve been the secret, exiled wife of the King of the Ocean.
Poseidon is fierce, unforgiving, and terrifyingly powerful.
I’m just a broken sea nymph whose magic never surfaced.
But the only way to save my sister lies in his underwater palace, and I’ve got nothing else to lose.

I expected escaping exile and getting to the palace to be tough. What I didn’t anticipate was battling a torrent of unexpected desire for Poseidon when he catches me.
The devastatingly beautiful ocean god has secrets. Wild waves crash through his eyes when he looks at me, and I soon realize he might be just as broken as I am.

But when a god has secrets, the consequences are deadly.

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