Secret Obsession by Cameron Hart


Dylan: She’s off-limits. A student. A mouthy one, at that. Sarah pushes all my buttons when debating me in class, but when I run into her at a fundraiser, I see a different side to the sassy brunette.

She’s still stubborn, but Sarah looks a little lost. Her father treats her like trash, which triggers something strange in me. Something all-consuming. Something I’ve never felt before.

It’s taboo enough to fall for my student, but I don’t just want to make her mine. I want to be her Daddy.

Sarah: He’s off-limits. A professor. An annoying one, at that. Dylan thinks he’s so smooth with his dark, velvety voice and well-timed quips. I can’t help but poke holes in his theories and correct him every chance I get.

When he comes to my rescue at a fundraiser hosted by my father, I see Dylan in a new light. He’s protective, in control, and sure of himself.

I must be more broken than I thought, because now I don’t just want Dylan as my professor. I want him as my Daddy.

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