Secret Ella by A.M. Helen


She fell in love with a haunted man. He will risk the wrath of the dead to keep her.

Ella Caruso tried to be a dutiful wife. A mother. A loyal lover. But she got nothing in return. Given a second chance to be with the intoxicating man who has shaped her secret fantasies for years, Ella finally submits to her desires.

Xavier Prince is not the millionaire playboy people expect. Trapped in a self-imposed exile from love, Ella is the angel in his broken world he craves more than anything. But he is not the prince of fairy tales. Xavier knows he shouldn’t love her, want her, ache for her. But his soul will not obey the rules.

In the romantic cities of Italy, a fresh world opens up to both of them, but disturbing events begin to twist Ella and Xavier’s happiness. A determined spirit wants Ella to realise that the man who makes her lust, hope and love like she never believed she could, just might be a man she never knew at all.

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