Secret Daddy by Sophie Frank


Biotech billionaire Lachlan Baird is one hot Scot who doesn’t let anything get in his way. Until Emma crashes into his life. Literally.

Lachlan: American women. I’ve sworn them off since one broke my heart in college. When I saw my beloved sports car mangled, I should’ve guessed an American would be behind it. At least she looks good walking away from the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, it turns out her teenaged daughter is interning at my lab. Now, everywhere I turn, there she is. Beautiful, strong, sexy Emma. I can’t stay away, and before long, we’re finding stolen moments, and I’m growing more addicted to her by the day. The clock is ticking until she returns home, and I don’t know how I’ll go back to my life before her. To make matters worse, a decision I made in college is coming back to haunt me. It could ruin my reputation, my company, and everything I’ve built. But nothing can stop me from making Emma mine. I just hope my past doesn’t come crashing down around all of us.

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