Second Time at Love by TMH Writer


Dr. Alexandria Ramos was at the top of her field as a cardiologist. Although she was successful in her career, her personal life was in shambles because of the love she lost more than two years ago.

Dr. Jessica Adams’ life is in danger after she helped a young mother and her one-year-old toddler escape from a warlord and his band of thugs. Her medical director, who was also in love with her, used a new technology innovation at a showcase as a way to entice Jessica back to the US. But it wasn’t technology that brought Dr. Jessica back, but a lost love, Alex.

Unfortunately, Alex swore she would never forgive Jessica for leaving her when she needed her the most, and when she ran into her at the Showcase, nothing had changed. Her promise of unforgiveness and her hopeless love for Jessica.

Can Jessica overcome Alex’s rejection and unforgiveness to take her chance for a second time in love?

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